Connect with your patients

Discover and aggregate your patients’ risks of diseases such as cardiovascular disease from coded data as well as the text in your clinical notes and referral letters.

Download Mosaic

See high risk patients with appointments

Review profiles and discuss with patients

Create plan with patients and setup recalls or reminders.

High risk patients at-a-glance

Integrated with the practice management system (PMS), get an instant overview of what patients have higher risks of diseases and if any care plans are available.

Motivate patients with their visual risk status

Fully integrated with your PMS (no manual input required), Mosaic generates the trends in the patients risks and vitals such as cholesterol, blood pressure and more.

Integrate Mosaic with your practice management software

  • Automatically import goals for patients for their diet, exercise, cholesterol and blood pressure.
  • Print overview plan, and quarterly updates featuring cholesterol and blood pressure charts showing the progress the patient has made.
  • Automatically setup recall or reminders.
  • Push all information back to PMS.
  • Identify upcoming patient appointments that are eligible for care plans.